Charitable events will normally be held at a location specified for that event. Please check the actual announcement on the Schedule page for the correct location.

Our MARCH 23 2019 charitable event and fun run will be at Old Poway Park in Poway.

Here are some of the fields we use - but we'll be adding more soon:

1. Dusty Rhodes Park, Ocean Beach (San Diego), CA 92107 (619-531-1653). This is our regular field and we're usually on the west side near the dog park. We fence our run area so it's a safe place for the dogs to run. There are restrooms but no running water so you'll need to bring your own. For directions just go to GoogleMaps and type in the address.

We also have four backup/alternate fields for our fun runs if necessary, and we'll post any changes from the regular location on the Schedule page:

1. Chollas Lake Multipurpose Field. The entrance is just past the Lake at the intersection of Caminito Chollas and College Grove Drive. There's a signal there and we try to have a sign and balloon so you won't miss it. Do not Google this, as it will direct you to the Rec Center, not the field. For a downloadable map just click HERE.

This is a fully-fenced grass field with a portable bathroom on site, as well as tons of walking trails for warm-ups and cool-downs (watch out for snakes as it gets warmer). A truly spectacular location for our events. Big enough and safe for sighthounds, too!

Please remember to park in the marked spots, not on the cement

2. Woodglen Vista Park located at 10250 Woodglen Vista Drive, Santee, CA 92071. Here's the link to the map and directions;

3. Wells Park, 1153 E. Madison Ave., El Cajon, CA 92101 (web link with map) - (619) 441-1680.


4. Robb Athletic Field, 2525 Bacon Street, Ocean Beach (San Diego), CA 92107 (619-531-1653). For directions just go to GoogleMaps and type in the address.