Join Us!

Anyone with a dog is welcome! There is a 2-run minimum for returning dogs, but newbies can try it out with one run first. Multiple dogs (housemates, packmates, buddies) can run on the field at the same time but that counts as one run per dog.

No membership is required!

Fun-run entry pricing: $20/2 runs, and $7 for all additional runs (max 5/dog/day).

If you would like to give your dog a chance to try this fun sport - or if your dog is a returning courser - here's how you can sign up for our events:

  • Check our Schedule to see when we are running; at the moment, we don't have a field so there are no scheduled events.
  • Read our Rules and be willing to follow them;
  • Then, click on our Store Link on the left. Once in the Store, click on "Enter Your Dogs for Runs" at the top of the page. That will take you to our Event Calendar where you can purchase runs on whatever date you'd like. Our Store is secure, fast, and easy! You can pay with PayPal. Best of all, your signup information will be forwarded to us and you'll be ready to go.

  • If you have any questions, just send us an email and we'll get right back to you.

Everybody get outta the way!
Come join the fun!!

Togetherness at Wags

We have you warm your dogs up before running and then rest the dogs for at least 20 minutes between each run, so please allow enough time in your schedule.

Other factors to consider: The weather, the age and health condition of your dog and how much they like the game will determine exactly how many times we let them run. The field manager has the final say on the field. Because puppies have growth plates that can be injured, we run them very slowly and carefully. We will normally only do straight runs without turns (we send them down the straight-away and back several times). After their first trip into the field we have you take your dogs out and cool them down.

When you sign up through our Store, you will be added to our sign-up sheet. Then, on the day of the runs, just show up at the field with your receipt and we'll check you in. The dogs run in the order people arrive at the field and sign in, so if you want to run early, you should arrive at the field at least 30 minutes before the session starts.

You'll need to sign our release form before your dog runs. If you don't bring a signed release to the field, you will be asked to sign one when you arrive.

Once you have your PayPal receipt, we suggest you keep an eye on the Schedule. If the weather forces us to cancel that day’s event we will post that information on our website that morning and refund your payment. We strongly suggest you check the website BEFORE you leave! There’s just no accounting for Mother Nature…!