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You'll find almost everything you need here for your pets (and places to buy cheap gas, plus how to spice up your parties, too!), but if you have a favorite link that you think everyone would like, please send Pat an email and she'll put it up! Keep scrolling!

POLITICS AND PUPPIES DON'T MIX! For current info about the mandatory spay/neuter movement, see the articles and links on DogTalk. This is a critically important issue in every state, folks - one we can't ignore. Together we really can make a difference!

Speaking of cruelty, the ASPCA is a great organization that does NOT have ties to PETA. Check out their website for ways you can help!


Now for the fun stuff:EQUIPMENT

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L'il Monster Continuous-LoopL'il Monster and ZippityDog! ZippityDog!

Love lure coursing? Wish you had your own personal machine? Well, now you can! Wicked Coursing offers portable personal home lure machines starting at about $100! You can take them anywhere and have a great time with your dog. We had so much fun field testing these little machines that we didn't want to stop!!

Wicked Coursing also manufacture the best, most phenomenal reversible, continuous-loop machine on the market: with its 4.6hp motor, portable case with wheels and retractable handle, precision-machined drive pulley, and one-piece construction, it's the best on the market. This is not your grandpa's coursing machine! Click here to see the "L'il Monster."

Check out the entire Wicked website and order your machine today!! Wicked Coursing - Our machines are "wicked fast" little monsters!






Here's our very own Luratics video on YouTube: All-Breed Coursing in San Diego

Check out the Wicked Coursing videos on YouTube: Wicked Coursing Channel

A big Luratics! thank you to Joe Naskar and David Schutz for a great 2005 film clip starring Scooter the "Bionic" Patterdale Terrier! Click here to watch the one, the only, the inimitable Bionic Scooter in action on our original (and small!) lure course--Maestro, drum roll, please!

Another clip you might like is the 10-minute NOTRA races held in New Jersey on October 22, 2007. It's very long, but informative and shows a lot of coursing! Click here to watch!




Here's a great site that lists lost pet databases, how to locate missing pets, avoid scams, loss prevention, and more:

A Guide To Finding A Lost or Missing Pet

Here is a Word document that lists an enormous number of resources (lots of links) for finding your lost pets - a really comprehensive list with lots of helpful tips!



Why put 100% biodegradable dog waste into a plastic bag that will take hundreds of years to photodegrade? These bags are 100% biodegradable & compostable. Made from cornstarch & other renewable resources. Visit the good folks at Biobag- The Number 1 brand of 100% biodegradable bags, Patented and Proven!




Dr. April Rodriguez - Dr. April Rodriguez is an excellent vet and very caring. She's a great GP and really goes out of her way to take care of your pet and to explain everything to you - she's been Lucy's vet for years (and also Cricket and Porsche while they were alive) and is now taking care of Ginger's medical needs! Find her in La Mesa on University Avenue at the Eastridge Animal Clinic. Call "Doctor Rod" at 619-465-4600.

Acacia Animal Health Center - A "premiere provider of outstanding veterinary care and service." Located in Escondido, this state-of-the-art facility has wonderful services, and a dedicated, compassionate and generous staff. Wish they were in La Mesa!! Call them at 760-745-8115.

Animal Healing Center - Dr. Keith Weingardt is a real find! He is certified in both Veterinary Acupuncture and Animal Chiropractic disciplines. Keith did wonders for my 10-year-old Standard Poodle, Cricket and made the last year of her life more comfortable and often pain-free. Keith has a wonderful clinic just off Morena Blvd.; he's definitely worth calling for all your dog's special needs - including anesthsia-free dental hygiene! One caveat is that this clinic's prices are much higher than other places, but if you need the specialties they offer, they're excellent and worth it. Call them at 619-276-5900.

Get DGP! Is your dog arthritic? Have a spinal condition? Any kind of joint problem? Give DGP a try - you'll truly be amazed at the difference. I've had several of my dogs on this all-herbal remedy from Down Under for several years and its absolutely wonderful. The folks at LivaMed have the best pricing we've seen.


crossing over the rainbow bridgeDr. Kristi Freeman, DVM - Dr. Freeman is a wonderful resource if your pet is too ill to travel to the vet. She provides caring in-home hospice service as well as assisting dogs and cats through their final journey. She is very gentle and knowledgeable. I highly recommend calling her if you are in need of these special services. Having had to call on her myself twice last summer, I know first-hand what a difference she makes. She really makes a difficult situation easier on everyone involved, especially your pet. Her website also has some great resources. Email Kristi or call her at 619-741-5366.


Want to find an alternative vet in another state? Check out the International Veterinary Society's website. They have a search engine that is just dynamite and will pull up Certified Veterinary Acupuncturists all over the world.

Here is an emergency link for Poisonous Plants - you never know what these critters will get into!


The Animal Rescue Site Want to help rescue pets? The Animal Rescue Site is a great place to start! The Animal Rescue Site focuses the power of the Internet on a specific need — providing food for some of the 27 million unwanted animals given to shelters in the U.S. every year. Each click on the purple "Click Every Day" button on the left provides food and care for a rescued animal living in a shelter or sanctuary. Keep those keyboards clicking!!

got my rubber duckie... FOOD STORES, GROOMERS AND OTHER

Do you have friends coming to town but can't have their dogs at your house, too? Check out Dog Friendly, a great website that lists hotels and other places to stay around town (and elsewhere) that allow pets.

Paw Country - La Mesa's, and East County's, best center for holistic pet care, including avian. Premium healthy foods (yes! they have raw diets!), wonderful toys and a very helpful, educated staff - what could be better? Huge selection and great prices, plus they donate a portion of their proceeds to local humane societies and rescue organizations. In fact, Paw Country was one of our sponsors at Wags 2008 and we love them! Drop in and see what they have! 619-463-1134

The Honest Kitchen - Want local-owned and produced healthy foods for your pets? The Honest Kitchen produces dehydrated raw foods for dogs and cats. 100% organic, human food grade products for your furry loved ones! Also one of our Wags sponsors in 2008!!

Noah's Ark Pet Wash & Boutique in Pacific Beach is a cool little place on Cass Street, it is a clean and green place to wash your dogs and buy premium foods and toys. Drop in and see Mary or Liz any time!

Southbark Dog Wash - Do you live closer in to downtown? Then you should visit the Southbark Dog Wash! Located in the heart of South Park, they have great, healthy food & treats, training classes on site plus a 6-tub dog wash to keep your dog smelling sweet! Give them a call at 619-232-7387

PET-PET LE PEW! Give Monica a call at this new pet grooming salon in Casa de Oro. This super-clean facility is wonderful and the dogs are able to be social with each other while waiting for grooming or for their owners. By appointment only - call her today! 9901 Campo Road; 619-644-5080.



Jen Petit Photography - Jen Petit is our phenomenal local staff photographer and you can see her at all of our events (including Wags) with a huge camera!! Jen has taken some dazzling shots of our crazy canines doing what they do best. Check out her photos all over Luratics!


Pet AirWays - Here's a great site for flying with your pet. Pet Airways wants your pet to be safe and comfortable by flying them in the main cabin, not in cargo. I haven't used this service yet, but it sounds just great!!



Call Jackie Phillips for information on Finding Lost or Stolen Pets. Great photography, blogs, links, communication and relationship coaching - Jackie has it all! Check her out!



American Sighthound Field Association - A great site for an informative overview of lure coursing that is limited to sighthounds. - Little Jacks do it, too!

Fast Fourward Flyball - For a little more directed fun, check out the folks at the Fast Fourward Flyball group in Poway. Cathy Colley, who runs her dogs Summer and April at Luratics, says great things about this group so give them a try!


sit - good dog! TRAINING, ETC.

Teamwork K9s - 760-468-4463 - Diane Mylymuk, CPDT, BA, is not only a certified trainer in the usual areas of obedience and behavior (CGC, STAR Puppy, Therapy Dog Visitation & Public Access Service Dog), but she also hosts Diabetes Alert Dog Training Workshops!

Teamwork K9s are based in north San Diego County. Visit their website and check out their calendar!




Want to help a good cause? When you donate to SDASF you're helping one of the most reputable organizations in San Diego. These folks are committed to helping the animals of San Diego by providing financial support and featuring dogs on TV to showcase them everyday.

The Baja Animal Sanctuary is another terrific organization dedicated to helping animals. Located in Rosarito, Mexico, just 22 miles south of the San Ysidro border, the Sanctuary is the only no-kill shelter in northern Mexico. It provides a safe haven for dogs, cats, and presently, one beautiful horse that were rescued from the tough streets of Mexico. Their website is currently not up, but you can email them.

poodlie, poodlie Looking for a Standard Poodle puppy that's smart, healthy, flashy and fun? Check out the adorable fluffballs at Kaye's Kids. Deborah Jolgren's breeding program is exceptional, and her puppies show it!



Do you want to know which products you purchase are tested on animals? Check out the National Anti-Vivisection Society for this important information.



Where's the cheapest place in your neighborhood to get gas? Click on this MSN Autos link to find out! Just enter your zip code and a whole list of local gas stations will come up, with a map! Very cool!! Here are a few more links, too:


jump for joy! DOG SHOWS and OTHER EVENTS:

Agility Events


Other AKC Events

California Events