Our all-breed fun-run events are scheduled for the 2nd Saturday of every month from May through September - check the SCHEDULE page for exact dates.

WE SOMETIMES NEED HELP TO DO THIS. We already have a Paddock Master and Pat is the Lure Operator. We have all the equipment necessary including a new (very little) trailer (anyone have a 6x10 for sale??), but we also always need crew. Here's what we need:

(1) Crew:
1-3 Setup Breakdown or Field Crew (some can be kids 10years and up)

If we need more key positions such as Table Manager or Paddock Master, those positions will be paid, others will receive free runs for your dogs, and/or a combination of both.

Thanks in advance. I haven't updated this entire site yet so if you have questions or want to work any of these events, call Pat at 619-741-9940. Let's run some dogs!!

AS AN ASIDE: If anyone would like to help revamp the Luratics website, please let me know. It really needs it but I just don't have time to do everything...

LAST THING: It appears that Luratics is still a licensed UKC club so we may run a title event or two next year. Will keep you posted as we go.


Luratics is a UKC all-breed dog sporting club that provides Lure Coursing, Multi-Breed Conformation, Rally, Obedience, and other dog sporting events including Barn Hunt (2015). We started out with just lure coursing and almost all dogs turn into "lunatics" over "lure coursing", hence our name! If your dog loves to run, chase, go to ground or just have fun, this group is definitely for you!

Luratics started in La Mesa, California, a suburb of San Diego, in September of 2005. Pat Bennett, CEO and founder, wanted something for her then-8-month-old Bedlington Terrier, Lucy, to do to channel her boundless energy. Pat, an avid dog enthusiast for many years, had just undergone total joint replacement surgery of her left knee and couldn't do much physically, but she discovered that lure coursing didn't take much human participation, so Luratics was created. In the beginning there were only about 7 dogs who ran every month and it was a simple, one-person operation. However, in July 2006 Luratics was invited to provide the lure coursing event at Wags-for-Wishes and after that it really began to grow. Now our events regularly draw an average of 28-32+ dogs, and we're still growing!

From our humble beginnings, Luratics has evolved into the popular monthly event club you all know and love, and is a regular around town.


Pat with Grady, an Irish Wolfhound

Lucy at about 5 months

At long last we've become a licensed UKC club and you can look forward to more diverse events in 2015. We held our first Lure Coursing Trial in October, 2013 but haven't had one since because of low attendance. We'll keep you posted on progress.

We'd really love to have a permanent home where we can run every week and provide a safe place for dogs (and cats) that have been abandoned by their families due to the mortgage crisis and other things that happen in peoples' lives. That's a future goal for us, but for now we're just going to have fun running dogs and see how things develop.

If you'd like to help, contact Pat by email.

One of our fun parties!

Want to join our team? WE NEED CREW!!

If you love dogs, this is the place to be! Luratics is currently looking for field and table crew to help with our events. Do you love dogs? Can you run a table? Can you handle a shovel or help catch dogs that really don't want to stop running? Then we need you!

Email Pat if you want to come out to help at any of our events! We offer free runs to crew dogs.

Luratics is the place to be for people and their dogs, so take a stroll around our site and have fun! See you on the field!!

Pat with Cricket, 2005