Who Can Participate?

I see the bunny!!

Many dogs, from Terriers to Chihuahuas to Border Collies to Great Danes and everything in between, are fanatics about the thrill of the chase. And that’s why Luratics! was created. It doesn’t matter what size or shape or age your dog is – if they love to chase things, they will absolutely LOVE lure coursing! And even if you think they won’t – many people are very surprised when their dogs go crazy for the lure!!

Our course is approximately 400 yards long - which is large enough for all dogs, including some sighthounds!  Regulation courses can start at 500 yards but usually are closer to half a mile long because sighthounds need a lot of room to turn at top speed!! Because we have several different places around the county where we hold our events, not all events are suitable for sighthounds. Please check our Schedule page to see which events are sighthound-friendly. Please contact Pat if you have any questions.

A WORD ABOUT SAFETY: Just because your dog is normally a couch potato doesn’t mean he or she can’t run the course. However, after the run you might want to follow these simple tips to make your dog more comfortable:

  1. You must warm your dog up prior to running the course to prevent injuries. We have regular warm-up sessions at the field every 20 minutes, so please allow for enough time when scheduling your outing.
  2. Walk your dog for 5 minutes as a cool-down exercise (good for warm-ups, too!)
  3. Check your dog for any injuries or stickers
  4. Don’t let your dog gulp down water (moderate and slow)
  5. Place your dog in a comfortable area out of sight of the lure
    • This may be difficult because the course goes right by the rest area but crates can be very helpful if you have one.
  6. Always remember to bring plenty of water from home for drinking and cooling down (we do not have running water at the field but Pat always has bottled water on hand).
  7. For summer runs, place a wet towel in the freezer the night before coursing. Bring it with you and keep it cool at coursing. This is the ultimate cool-down blanket.
  8. Even though lure coursing is a lot of fun, the safety of each dog is our primary concern. In the event something should come up, we have a complete first aid (triage) station on the field at all times and there is a veterinary clinic right up the street. Our dogs love to run, and it is our job to keep them safe and healthy so they can!
  9. Like any athlete, a good rubdown after running will keep your dog in good shape and help prevent injuries. You might consider taking your dog to a Certified Canine Massage Provider (ask Pat). It's great for warm-ups, cool-downs, and tune-up massages.

Photos by Gary Gionet and Jen Petit