Intro to FastCAT

Run For The Roses!

AKC FastCAT is the fastest-growing dog sport in the country, and ALL dogs can participate and earn titles! This is a hands-on introduction to FastCAT to teach you, the handler, the basics. Your dog will know what to do but it is the handler who really needs the experience. This class will provide you with everything you need to know about:

  • FastCAT rules and AKC requirements
  • Event safety and proper field etiquette
  • Releasing the dog properly and on cue from the Hunt Master
  • Collecting your dog at the end of the run
  • Exiting the field properly
  • Much more

This class will be held on a short field so it will not be a true 100-yard dash practice, but it will give you enough experience to confidently enter your dog in the additional long-field practices we hold in the summer so you'll be ready for AKC FastCAT title events.  You'll also receive a certificate of completion and a graduation photo.

All graduates of this class will also receive one free run at one of our full-scale summer FastCAT practices - a true 100-yard dash run to practice form and speed!  This class also makes you eligible to sign up for the “experienced” sections at our regular lure coursing events.  Tally Ho!!

Check out the 2020 Calendar Here or SIGN UP HERE!