About Luratics

Pat Bennett started Luratics in 2005 when she was told her Bedlington Terrier, Lucy, couldn't run because she wasn't a sighthound. A sighthound is a dog bred to hunt by sight: Greyhounds, Whippets, Borzoi, etc.  Lucy was an absolute fanatic about coursing so Pat started this club - the first of its kind in the country - to give her and all other dogs a safe, healthy outlet.

Many dogs, from Terriers to Chihuahuas to Border Collies to Great Danes and everything in between, are crazy about the thrill of the chase. And that’s why Luratics! was created. It doesn’t matter what size or shape or age your dog is – if they love to chase things, they will absolutely LOVE lure coursing! And even if you think they won’t – many people are very surprised when their dogs go crazy for the lure!!

Our course is approximately 400 yards long - which is large enough for all dogs, including some sighthounds!  AKC and ASFA sighthound courses can start at 500 yards but usually are closer to half a mile long because sighthounds need a lot of room to turn at top speed!!

Because Luratics sometimes holds events at different places around the county, not all events are suitable for sighthounds. Please check our Calendar to see which events are sighthound-friendly. Please contact Pat if you have any questions..

Lure coursing is for all kinds of dogs and everyone can participate

Pat Bennett and Lucy, ready to run