A Few Words About Safety

Just because your dog is normally a couch potato doesn’t mean he or she can’t run the course. However, after the run you might want to follow these simple tips to make your dog more comfortable:

  1. You must warm your dog up prior to running the course to prevent injuries. We have regular warm-up sessions at the field every 20 minutes, so please allow for enough time when scheduling your outing.
  2. Walk your dog for 5 minutes as a cool-down exercise (good for warm-ups, too!)
  3. Check your dog for any injuries or stickers
  4. Don’t let your dog gulp down water (moderate and slow)
  5. Place your dog in a comfortable area out of sight of the lure (this may be difficult because the course goes right by the rest area but crates can be very helpful if you have one)
  6. Always remember to bring plenty of water from home for drinking and cooling down (we do not have running water at the field but Pat always has bottled water on hand).
  7. For summer runs, place a wet towel in the freezer the night before coursing. Bring it with you and keep it cool at coursing. This is the ultimate cool-down blanket.
  8. Even though lure coursing is a lot of fun, the safety of each dog is our primary concern. In the event something should come up, we have a complete first aid (triage) station on the field at all times and there is a veterinary clinic right up the street. Our dogs love to run, and it is our job to keep them safe and healthy so they can!
  9. Like any athlete, a good rubdown after running will keep your dog in good shape and help prevent injuries. You might consider taking your dog to a Certified Canine Massage Provider (ask Pat). It's great for warm-ups, cool-downs, and tune-up massages.


Field Rules

We have a "few" simple rules you are required to follow to make sure it's fun for everyone (humans and dogs!):

1. We have a 2-run minimum for all dogs; if your dog won't run after the first try we'll refund the second run but you have to sign up for 2.

2. The first session of each event is reserved for experienced coursers. We know it's nice to come in the morning but first-timers sometimes take a lot of work and our timeline always gets crunched. There are two shorter afternoon sessions for a total of three for each event.


 a. Please arrive 30 minutes ahead of time to check in at the table, fill out paperwork, and pick out a spot in the shade.


 b. The splash pool is for all the dogs to use.

3. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR MALE DOGS PEE ON OUR EQUIPMENT (Pat gets hopping-mad when that happens and you'll have to clean it up!). We have to handle these items and it is not fair to the crew to have dog urine on everything.

4. NO aggressive dogs (to humans or other dogs) allowed. PERIOD. Any dog exhibiting aggression will be asked to leave (sorry, no refunds).

5. NO FEMALE DOGS IN SEASON! We have a number of intact male dogs who run with us, so please wait until your female dogs won't cause a riot! (that can mean up to several weeks after visible signs of heat are gone).

6. Please make sure your dogs' toenails are clipped short at least 2 days prior to running with us. Toenails that are too long can cause injuries to your dog, so please keep them short (if you have questions, call Pat).

7. ALL dogs are to be kept well under control. Remember - not every dog likes other dogs. Do not let your dog go nose-to-nose or nose-to-butt with another dog unless you have permission from their owner/handler.

8. If you bring multiple dogs, you must either have a crate for them or have another adult with you to manage the dog that's not running while you're on the field. We don't have the staff to help manage your dogs. No tying dogs to trees, fences, small children, or anything else!

9. Dogs must be managed by an adult at all times. This is for the safety of both the children and the dogs. Not all children have the presence or experience to understand when dogs are posturing or spoiling for a fight. If your child is an experienced dog-handler, please let us know when you get to the field. Otherwise, if we see a child with a dog on a leash and no adult in sight, they'll both be removed to the table area until the adult can be located. A large scarlet letter "B" for "BAD" will then be affixed to the adult in a prominent and visible way to be worn for the rest of the day. Just kidding!! But we really don't want any injuries or accidents, so please help us out with this!

10. ALL dogs must be kept ON LEASH at all times unless running the lure. This means leash them up BEFORE you let them out of the car. Again, we really don't want any accidents.

11. NO FLEXI-LEADS, please - they just aren't safe and you won't be allowed on the field if you're using one. Please use a standard collar and leash. We do sell great martingale collars, leads and coursing slip-leads at the table.

12. There are no refunds on a run once the dog enters the field and steps up to the start point to run. Again, we take a lot of time with newbies and it sometimes takes a few tries.

13. A signed Release must be presented before your dog can run the lure. Releases are available when you sign in at the field and are good for 1 year.

14. If you've signed up for runs online at our store, please bring the receipt with you.

15. ALL DOGS MUST WARM UP PRIOR TO RUNNING. This means a nice long walk while you're waiting for your turn. Please see our staff if you need assistance.

16. Dogs MUST cool down between runs. This means we'll make you wait for at least 20 minutes between runs (and you need to walk them right afterward). There is running water available at the park so you won't need to bring any extra for your dogs unless you want to.

17. Please pick up after your dog. We now provide biodegradeable poop bags at the table, so please take a couple when you come in.

18. We know it's exciting, but it is important that you keep your dogs' barking under control in order not to annoy other park users. Excessive barkers will be asked to stand in the corner!

19. If you bring children - please keep them under control as well. Children are only allowed on the course if they're accompanied by an adult while any dog is running, so please keep that in mind. If you want to leave them on the sidelines, you will need to have another adult there to watch them. You can put them in a crate as long as you provide them with water...just kidding!

20. There are portable public restrooms available on site for everyone's convenience.

21. There is plenty of parking right next to the field.

22. Have fun. Anyone not having fun at one of our events must report to the field physician for an evaluation.